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  • SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge

    My nine-man league is done and being rebuilt. The Postal League is on hold. So, I need to play some MEF some other way.

    I'm looking for any coaches, not just solitaire coaches, who would like to get in on an SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge.

    I have three teams, the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Bemidji State Beavers, and North Dakota State Bison that I'm willing to put up to take on any team from any coach. All three teams are 3.3g Tweaked, 11 man iron-man teams (no ttqb). It's not my tweaking either. These teams have some fantastic bases from top notch tweakers. These teams are pretty good..........I think. I'd like to find out how good.

    What I would like to do is keep one team here with me and have coaches send me teams to play them against. The other two I'd like to send out on the road to take on other teams. One of them traveling from place to place, and the other going to one location to play against any team the host wants to round up for them to play. I'd like all three teams to get in ten games for the SCPC.

    How about it? Any takers? Pick your team.

    Who will send me a team to use against one of my teams and which of my teams should I keep here to play them. That will be the team I keep here for the whole Team-Go-Round Challenge. Send me your team. I'll play a game and send them back to you.

    Who will take one of my teams, play a game against one of your teams, and then send them on to the next game. I'll let you know where to send them.

    Who will take one of my teams and keep them to play games with. Play them against anyone you like. Put them in your league, play your own teams randomly, bring in other teams, send them out to other coaches, or do a combo platter. Play ten games and send them back to me.

    Game can be played by any rules and under format you choose (use your own ttqb). All I ask is that all games be entered in the SCPC, and you put a few dollars in postage to send the team on to the next game or back to me. If you want to post game results post them in this thread. Who's in? First takers get first choice of teams.

    This will be fun. The SCPC regular season ends June 30th.

    This is a great opportunity for non-solitaire players to get a team involved in the SCPC. Pull a team that is otherwise just sitting on a shelf out. Box them up and send them to me. I'll play a game with them. If you want I'll find them other games or just send them back to you. Let's go.

    Who's going to be the first to accept the SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge?

    Here are my teams.
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    Bump for the Friday night rush...........


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        I love the idea, though I'm so busy with the ECFA and soon the EPFA that I'm not sure I can sqeeze in additional games. Definitely not until at least May. I have plenty of teams collecting dust who have already played their conference seasons, but these aren't teams that are going to get more than 1-2 games this SCPC season. The ones who will get games are currently active for me and can't be shipped out.



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          Originally posted by RooMorgans View Post
          I love the idea, though I'm so busy with the ECFA and soon the EPFA that I'm not sure I can sqeeze in additional games. Definitely not until at least May. I have plenty of teams collecting dust who have already played their conference seasons, but these aren't teams that are going to get more than 1-2 games this SCPC season. The ones who will get games are currently active for me and can't be shipped out.

          Hey Ed. Thanks for getting this going. Send me a few of those dust collectors and I'll play them against all three of my teams if no one else takes the challenge. Chris may send a team as well. I can play yours against his. Maybe if Chris has time I'll send your teams and one of mine on for him to play a few. We ought to be able to get at least one bowl eligible team out of the swap. Let me know.


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            Two en'route

            eflfanatic has two team en'route to Minnesota for the challenge. The Montreal Concordes and Tennessee Oilers will take the SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge.

            Who else wants in on the action? My team buses are ready to roll; destination unknown.............


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              LeMay's Montreal and Tennessee clubs are here. They are playing a quick game against one another to set the stage for some challenge games. Anyone else want in on the action?


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                Game 1: Montreal (LeMay) vs. Tennessee (Lemay)

                The first game of the SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge is in the books. Thus far the only take on the challenge is LeMay. He sent his Tennessee Oilers & Montreal Concordes. The first game of the challenge pitted these two teams against each other. I wanted to get to know the teams a little bit, and try a new rules set.

                I played four ten play quarters following TOC rules as much as I could. Passing was stick passing, and I used LeMays kick cards for the kicking game. Both offensive and defensive plays were called using the Solitaire Game Chart by CLM Designs. At first I didn't like the no stop style of play, but as the game got going, and I became familiar with the teams, it got more entertaining.

                It was a back and forth contest that had a bit of everything. There was a punt return touchdown, a kick-off return touchdown, three interceptions, multiple missed extra points, and a failed onside kick. When all was said and done the Concordes controlled most of the game, but had to survive a late Oiler rally, and scored a late TD to make the final score 34 - 20.

                These are some very nice teams. I'm excited to see how they stack up against my teams. My goal with this challenge is get at least one of my teams and one of someone elses to ten games in the SCPC. To that end the next games will see my Minnesota Golden Gophers take on first the Oilers and then the Concordes.

                If anyone else wants to join in the challenge I have two teams I'm willing to send on the road. They are my Bemidji State Beavers and my North Dakota State Bison. Any one willing to send a team my way will get in on the action with LeMay's teams and some of mine as well.

                C'mon, take the challenge. You never know, you could win a National Championship.
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                  WOW !!!

                  Nice Pics!!!! Thanks


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                    Game 2

                    My Minnesota Golden Gophers faced LeMay's Tennessee Oilers in the second game of the SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge.

                    The Oilers lost the opening game to LeMay's other team, the Montreal Concordes.

                    As you'll see in the pictures my Gophers are powered by the tweaking skills of one of the best.

                    The game was played following multi-stop rules and Velikey's Short Game System.

                    1st Possessions:
                    Tennessee - 3 plays, 30 yards, 27 yard touchdown run, kick
                    Minnesota - 2 plays, 30 yards, 6 yard touchdown run, kick
                    7 - 7

                    2nd Possessions:
                    Minnesota - 4 plays, 45 yards, 29 yard touchdown run, kick failed
                    Tennessee - 3 plays, -32 yards, termination
                    13 - 7 Gophers

                    3rd Possessions:
                    Tennessee - 1 play, 45 yards, 45 yard touchdown run, kick
                    Minnesota - 3 plays, 20 yards, 21 yard touchdown run, kick
                    20 - 14 Gophers

                    4th Possessions:
                    Tennessee - 2 plays, 0 yards, Interception
                    Minnesota - 3 plays, 14 yards, No more plays, missed field goal
                    20 - 14 Gophers

                    5th Possessions:
                    Tennessee - 3 plays, 1 yard, No more plays
                    20 - 14 Gophers

                    It was an evenly matched game. Minnesota's defense couldn't stop the Oiler running game. Tennessee's struggles in the passing game were their undoing. Twice receivers veered off course causing incompletions on key plays, the interception was a killer, and the Gophers were able to pressure the quarterback and get two sacks. Minnesota only attempted one pass on which the halfback kept the ball. The Gophers rushed the ball on all twelve of their plays gaining 98 yards and scoring three touchdowns. Tennessee managed just one completion on 4 attempts for 13 yards. They had 72 yards rushing on six attempts. They lost 32 yards on two sacks, and threw the interception.

                    Up next in the SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge my Gophers will face LeMay's Concordes. Both team are 1 - 0.

                    I'm not sure what I'll do beyond that. I'm still hoping someone else will take the challenge and send a team to join in, or I'll send a team or two on the road to come to your place for a challenge. Let me know.
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                      Challenge Accepted

                      Mactele52 (Andy McLaughlin) has accepted the Team-Go-Round challenge. One of my teams will travel to take on Andy's Gary Indiana club in their first ever game.

                      I still have one team that can hit the road, or if you'd like to have Andy send the team he gets on to you for a game let me know.

                      I have my Gophers and a pair of LeMay's teams here if anyone wants to send a club up north to get in on the action.


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                        Gophers vs. Oilers

                        Great game Drk!!! Thanks for the Pics and game summary. All I can say about the passing is that I use the TTQB for passing. But glad to see the rushing went well. Obviously need to work on the defense as well.


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                          Originally posted by eflfanatic View Post
                          Great game Drk!!! Thanks for the Pics and game summary. All I can say about the passing is that I use the TTQB for passing. But glad to see the rushing went well. Obviously need to work on the defense as well.
                          This challenge is going to be very interesting. Obviously, I'm quite familiar with my own team. That's why I played a game with yours teams against each other first. I did do stick passing which was clearly a disadvantage to the Oilers. The Oilers used my CLM Designs Solitaire Play Calling Sheet while my Gophers used a play calling sheet I've custome designed for them. Again, disadvantage Oilers. The Oilers got good play calling from the dice, but couldn't connect. I have no idea what formations and defensive looks you run with these teams. The CLMSPCS put them in multiple formations and sets at random. My Gophers are a single wing offense. Can't say if it was the offense, defensive formations against it, or personnel (tweaking), but Tennessee had a terrible time with Minnesota's power run game. My Bronco Nagurski figure is a beast and is fast too. My Gophers run a defense designed to stop the single wing. I left them in it the whole game. Tennessee had success on the ground on certain plays. It seemed to be all or nothing. They certainly had open receivers against it as well, but either missed the mark or couldn't handle all the upfront gap pressure. On the interception I knew my guy may be able to pick it. You can see in the pictures how far he had to go. Even though I figured he may be able to get it, at that point in the game (2nd down and 10 late in the game), and in that scenario (turning the board back on would have been a sure sack), I opted to have Tennessee take the chance rather than a sure sack putting them in a third down and long. The Tennessee receiver turned the wrong way or it might have been a close race.

                          Under different rules, with you or a neutral coach playing the game, it could easily go the other way. That's what I want the SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge to do though, challenge teams. A team that can run up eight or nine wins in challenge games is sure to have a shot at a division/national title in the SCPC..............................If some more coaches get involved.

                          My NDSU club will be heading out to Andy tomorrow. BSU is ready to hit the road. If it's okay with Chris I can send either or both of his teams on to someone else as well. As you can see in my pics my teams are running almost exclusively Norbert bases. So, like or not Mr. Revels is taking part in the SCPC You don't have to be a solitaire player to get involved.

                          Who else wants a team to come their way? Who has a team sitting collecting dust that they'd like to see get a shot at a SCPC title?

                          Let's go!


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                            Thanks for the analysis of the game. I usually just run standard defenses so they are not really built for one specific defense. My offensive strategy is built on having receivers that are fast and generally run straight. Usually have no problem getting receivers open but have always had a problem with receivers running to the target in stick passing. Again that's why I use the TTQB if given the option.

                            I would agree that under different rules they possibly would perform differently and that's why it is great to have teams play under different rules and against other coaches teams.

                            Yes it is OK to send one or both teams on to someone else.

                            I like this concept of Team-Go-Round Challenge Games.


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                              SCPC Team-Go-Round Challenge: El Paso Gas vs NDSU Bison

                              Coach Drk sends his behemoth, tweaked squad from North Dakota State south to play the El Paso Gas in the Peyote Bowl.
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