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  • Electric Football Challenge App

    Has anyone tried playing a game with the Tudor Electric Football Challenge app? If so, did you like it? I've tried it today and had some difficulty with it.

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    Haven't figured it out myself, but since my games are solitary it isn't an issue. Looks like it is made to work with TOC rules, so once I get serious about league play i will try it again.


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      It works great with Solitaire leagues, I use it in my ProLine league. My biggest knock on it is that the power meter for kicking is set too fast, but other than that, it's OK.
      If anyone has trouble with it, PM me, might be able to help ya out.


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        Guys, Any bugs or changes you want to see, please list them here. There will be a version 2 some day that will address suggestions.
        Regarding that it is set for TOC...they did use it the TOC rules as a base set to build from, but you can change the times, or delete the use of any of the timers. Also the timers are linked so you can have one start right after the other automatically or you can unlink them and start them manually.


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          I found myself worrying too much about controlling the app, than playing the game.