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  • I'm done,

    This will be my last post at MFCA and I won't be renewing my subscription. It's no longer fun anymore with the trolling from a certain individual and nothing is done about it. I used to enjoy posting my solitaire games and new teams / fields I've obtained, but that is no longer fun either. There is more to life than bantering back and forth with this idiot Jamieson C Mathias, aka Jamiestang, aka Vincent Miller, or whatever new alias he creates. This is a hobby and supposed to be enjoyable, so I'll just figure other ways to enjoy it. Weirdwolf, go ahead and delete my account.

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    Chuck ,.. i understand cutting away for a breather, or maybe even leaving because you want to enjoy your hobby , like i am close to doing.

    but NEVER let anyone push you away man! i met more jerks and childish people in this hobby in the almost 2 years i been back in it, vs great people like the ones i met about a year ago ,.. i'm happy to go solitaire in this hobby. but letting a person or persons push me out of anywhere , will not happen.

    rethink this Chuck ,.. or at least go and enjoy your hobby because YOU want to not because a person pushed you away.

    either way i wish you well brother!!