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  • I'm done,

    This will be my last post at MFCA and I won't be renewing my subscription. It's no longer fun anymore with the trolling from a certain individual and nothing is done about it. I used to enjoy posting my solitaire games and new teams / fields I've obtained, but that is no longer fun either. There is more to life than bantering back and forth with this idiot Jamieson C Mathias, aka Jamiestang, aka Vincent Miller, or whatever new alias he creates. This is a hobby and supposed to be enjoyable, so I'll just figure other ways to enjoy it. Weirdwolf, go ahead and delete my account.

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    Chuck ,.. i understand cutting away for a breather, or maybe even leaving because you want to enjoy your hobby , like i am close to doing.

    but NEVER let anyone push you away man! i met more jerks and childish people in this hobby in the almost 2 years i been back in it, vs great people like the ones i met about a year ago ,.. i'm happy to go solitaire in this hobby. but letting a person or persons push me out of anywhere , will not happen.

    rethink this Chuck ,.. or at least go and enjoy your hobby because YOU want to not because a person pushed you away.

    either way i wish you well brother!!


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      Chuck, I don't know you but just so that you know, I love the hobby and I was in a solitaire league last year where we all posted our game results on here and rankings came out for our teams that made it exciting for me.However, it all came to an end for some reason but that's OK. I just started my own solitaire league and I am posting the results no matter if anybody else responds or not. be encouraged and if you have any ideas on how we can get a few people together that would like to play in a solitaire league were we play our own games and have a point system were we can rank the teams together I would be open to that. Anyway, I just wanted to offer you some encouragement to keep your hobby alive. Have a blessed day!