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  • About the World FAT8 Conference

    About the Founder:

    Hello, My name is Jamie Ellerbe (AKA-AggieCoach), and i am the Founder and Commissioner of the FAT8 Conference. I've always been passonate about college football. I played football at North Carolina A&T State University in the 1990's and I can tell you that those memories are some of the best memories of my life. I truely love my Alma Mater and so I decided to feature them in Miniature Football. It was always my fantasy to see my Alma Mater play on the big stage with Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, USC and many other FBS schools so I set out to create the Fantasy Athletic Teams Conference (FAT 8 Conference) with 8 of my favorite schools all in the same conference.

    World of the FAT8: This however wasn't enough. My vision and goals was to also bring the authentic tradition and atmosphere of college football to the Miniature Football world. I wanted to create a true Miniature version of College football. I wanted the heart pounding sound of the bands playing, the student sections chanting, the swinging change of emotions from moment to moment, the emotion and pangentry of the big rivalries with authentic traditional customs, and stadium entries that can only be seen in College Football.

    In light of this, I set out to create the "FAT8 Rules Standard", a new rules set that would allow me to recreate an authentic college atmosphere with-in my games of Miniature Football. The idea was to remove myself from the screen all together and give character and presence to the athletes alone. So I set out to create a rule system that highlights the athletes and gives them individualized personality traits. This i learned from the Warhammer 40K hobby which i am also passionate about. The idea was to ensure that every team had a unique play style with no teams playing the same. Each school would have an assigned offensive style and defensive style with its own playbook and this would be determined randomly at the start of each season. The Aggies running the Pistol, the Buckeyes running the spread, the Crimson Tide with the Power I.

    But I still wanted more. I set out to create rules for coaches and recruiting as well. Each team would have a Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, and a Defensive Coordinator with Athletic Trainers. I set out to create a leadership value called "Prestige Points" that would be assigned to each coach and trainer on each team. Bad calls and poor decisions on the gridiron could lead to a coach being fired or kicked out of the game for poor behavior. Each team would have to recruit new prospects after each season. Prospects are ranked based on performance at the combine. All of these things add to the character and atmosphere which creates the World of the FAT8. With the lose of the head coach, a school could find themselves rolling on the offensive generator chart to change the offensive playbook mid season. This could really hurt a team that recruited athletes for their current playbook, so my vision was to bring this all to the FAT8 style.

    About our Membership:

    I set out on this journey alone and I must admit that I intended to do it for my own enjoyment. I never expected to make as many friends as I've made. Along the way, many people have reached out to me and I am thankful for the support. I felt that I should not hold my fun back just for myself. Others saw what i was doing and offered to help and got involved in the fun.

    However, the FAT8 is not a traditional tournament (Style) league. There are a few things that make us very different from the public leagues which i will list here.

    1. This is the biggest thing- The FAT8 is not about the Physical Coaches- We actually refer to ourselves as Athletic Directors because each team has its own miniature coaches. We look for those persons that fit our Vision. Members must be willing to remove themselves from the picture altogether and focus on developing the character of the teams. As an example: It's not Coach Lock vs Aggiecoach- It's FAMU vs NCATSU. This is why you will never see our faces on the Big Screen. So if you are willing to not put yourself in front of your FAT8 brothers you will be a good fit. This is why do not have a traditional membership. Membership is also voted on by all the brothers. We are more like a fraternity then a league.

    2. Brotherhood & Friendship- In the FAT8 we (All Brothers) support each other. We look out for each other and we a genuine to each other outside of the hobby. We all agree to stick to the vision and to Innovate this hobby. We don't cut down each others ideas. However, we confine our ideas to the vision. As long as it builds the hobby we try to support each other.

    3. Competition with-in the Group: As i stated before, the FAT8 is not designed for or intended for Tournaments. Its a World of its own. We primarily focus on developing the World of Miniature College Football. All members will play and help develop all teams while sticking to that teams playbook. "We do not focus on Ourselves alone". In light of this we do not compete in the traditional sense. However, WE don't mind traveling to Tudor Con and TOC with MFCA to play and fellowship with our EF brothers. Members are free to go to compete with other groups using the rules of the tournament organizer. We don't put an emphasis on championships in the FAT8. Which ever team wins the FAT8 title will make us all proud because all members played a hand in that teams success. We are all winners because we developed a miniature football world for all to enjoy. If you are a member of the FAT8 and you want to compete in a tournament all we ask is that you let us know so we can go with you .

    4. Keep the Egos out the Door: This is our biggest pet peeve!!!! Please Please Please Don't not talk about yourself ALL DAY!!!!! THIS DRIVES US CRAZY!!!! We are interested in individuals that fit our vision and our goals. We are not interested in persons who only care about themselves and there own personal championship goals. There are enough chances to win a championships and Hall of FAME Honors at the big Events like the (TOC and TudorCON). Once you go and win we will all support you and we will be proud of you. After that, let it go and lets move on to building and innovating the hobby.

    I hope this was helpful. We are simply a group of brothers with a vision and this Vision is simple: Build the Hobby, Innovate the Hobby, have more Fun, produce great content, and promote Brotherhood and Friendship.

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    Coach I love it that is kind of how I play w my NFL all time teams its so cool the figures play like there real life counterparts even tho they r tweaked the same I love ur vids coach keep it up question what position did u play in college


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      World of the FAT8

      I played Cornerback and backup Free safty.


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          Love the concept

          I love the concept of the Fat 8 would love to join. My wife who is a Proud Aggie alum(Class of 95) has always said those were the good old days. Myself being a Howard Bison agree. The Howard/A&T games were classics.


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            The FAT 8 soynds like something I might like. Can you possibly tell me more about it?


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              More info please!