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  • Evergreen State Electric Football League

    I am looking to either join a league up in the great Northwest or create a league and have some people join.

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    Greetings to you my friend. My name is John but I am better known on the chatboard as Coach J. For starters welcome to the MFCA chatboard. You have come to a great place to get your electric football questions answered. From the looks of it you will more than likely be starting a league in the great Northwest and from there having people join. That would be great. I suggest that you contact Tudor-Doug. He is in Seattle I believe and he would be an excellent contact. As a matter of fact I will send him a PM and ask him to respond to your post. Have a good day and again welcome to the MFCA chatboard.

    John aka Coach J


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      Coach J

      Thank you. I am hoping to begin a league here or integrate one. I have a Tudor board but in the process of making a 2x4 pan field described by wierdwolf. A better way to contact me is by email.


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        welcome, welcome, welcome

        I live in the greater Seattle area....
        I joined here last year.. I built the TOC Warrior board by Jerry M.. (can be found in this forum).. It's a beast of a field !!! LOL

        looking forward to joining a league..


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          Hey Don,

          i stopped playing for a couple of months and I am getting back into a routine. Would you still be up for creating a league with me up in the great northwest?


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            hmm.. I'm looking at selling my TOC board I made.... and about 50-60 sets of teams (pro and college) !!! LOL.. I went way over board on this and now don't have the room... so will have to think about it.. drop a personal email as I don't even get into this website as much as I used to...