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  • Welcome to the WMLMF

    Hello and welcome to the West Michigan League of Miniature Football. We are a fantasy team based league located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What is a fantasy based league you ask? Simply put, it means you make up your own team. You don't have to follow the NFL or NCAA - you can make up your own team name with your own choice of colors, logos,, helmets etc.

    Our rules are basic and pretty simple - with the emphasis on having fun. This is the perfect father-son league. If you are interested in joining, call Al Dunham @ (616) 241-5024. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you. Or, you can e-mail me -

    League Name: West Michigan League of Miniature Football
    League Contacts Email
    League Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Year Established: 2008
    League Contact Phone: (616) 241-5024 Please leave a message!
    League Website: None
    Facebook Page: None
    Other Social Media Sites: None
    Number of Members: 2
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