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Dixie League Championship Saturday

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  • Dixie League Championship Saturday

    Is there a schedule for Saturday yet? What times do the games start? Since there does not appear to be any Carolina League games scheduled for Friday, then I will most likely just come up Saturday AM. Need to know what time to be there. Thanks.

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      Everyone needs to be there at 8:00 . NO later than 8:30 or you may get left out?
      Beenutt PLEASE confirm this.


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        Can't make it

        Folks, due to work @ 8pm Sat night, I won't be to make the trip home in time, therefore will have to miss the finals...sux, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do

        Enjoy and good wishes to ALL !!!


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          Big day tomorrow. I wish safe trip to everyone. Should be big big fun


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            I know it's going to be nuttsssssss!!!

            In a good way! Brian Redmond has all but put his name on the title!

            I will be checking in with you guys.....Butch keep your cell close by.

            Just have fun and enjoy the fellowship. Winning is the icing on the cake



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              Games have started. I will post the results as they come in.


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                Thx Houghston and y'all have FUN !!!


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                  1st Round
                  Chiefs (Van Smith) 7
                  Redskins (Steve Hogge) 14

                  Packers (Ben Kilgore) 14
                  Seahawks (Rafiyq) 17

                  2nd Round
                  Cowboys (Charles Lane) 17
                  Redskins (Steve Hogge) 3

                  Colts (Butch Carter) 10
                  Packers (Hughston Caldwell) 0

                  Panthers (Joel Pritchard) 7
                  Giants (Bennie Gibson) 0

                  Falcons (Brian Redmond) 14
                  Seahawks (Rafiyq) 0
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                    remind the MFCA guys to try to get some MFCAL games if they can. Joel needs 3 to complete the season.


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                      Final Four

                      Final Four

                      Colts (Butch Carter) 21
                      Falcons (Brian Redmond) 14

                      Panthers (Joel Prtichard) 0
                      Cowboys (Charles Lane) 7

                      Both of these games came down to Play 16 of the 2nd Half. The Colts scored on Play 15. The Falcons took the KO on the last play and literally skimmed the sidelines before turning back into the field to the endzone. The officials blew the play dead as the KR was ruled Out of Bounds. Colts win.

                      As for the Cowboys/Panthers game, the Cowboys were driving late in the game with a 7-0 lead. On a pass play that was heading to the endzone, the Panthers defender hit the Cowboy receiver and knocked him over, causing a fumble. The Panthers picked the fumble up and returned it to the Cowboys 30. The Panthers had about 6 plays. They got to the 9 on Play 15. The Cowboys held on Play 16 to take the win.

                      Yes, we are taping for a highlight video.
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                        Oh boy, now that's hard to pick !!!! Can't wait for results...are u taping Houghston???


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                          Championship Game

                          Championship Game

                          Colts (Butch Carter) 17
                          Cowboys (Charles Lane) 14

                          The Championship Game went to Double OT. The game was tied 14-14. In the first OT, the Cowboys threw an INC pass. The Colts just needed one yard to win the game. However, Peyton Manning was stopped for no gain on a called run play. In the second OT, the Colts got 7 yards. The Cowboys had a good play call and it looked like it was going to go for a big gain, but Colts' lightning fast defense fought off blocks and made the sack on the Cowboys' QB. The Colts win.

                          It was a great day and a great Championship game. Congratulations to both Championship Game coaches, but especially to Coach Butch Carter for winning his first Dixie League Championship.
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                            Oh Nooo,

                            here we go again!


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                              Don,t worry Brian you play a good game who made that bad call on you it wasn't Beenutt because he don't make bad calls at his tournment,. I hope there two refs for the championship game . I 'm sure it was a close call.