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    Hi this is David Nickles bringing you the report from Dixie.

    I want to take this time to thank Beanutt and his crew for putting on a fantastic show.
    It feels real good just to come ad play in a tournament. I can speak for the rest of the
    tournament organizers, we enjoy putting on our tournaments but it eels great playing
    in another man's tournament. Now down to business at hand.

    Guys it was some great games going on this weekend. Defensive games all week long.
    Everybody cam with their a-game. A good weekend with nothing but competition. Phil
    I enjoyed playing you this weekend. We played a tough defensive game. I have never
    gotten beat 2-0. This was a typical rematch between the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State
    and Ohio State won. But I got something for you next year, the Ducks want revenge. Ha Ha

    And to Butch I enjoyed playing you. You're a top notch coach. I got you last year and you got
    me this year. Until next year wen we meet again......

    And now I want to piggy back off what Beanutt said, Joe Ram, Charles Lane, Butch Carter, and Leonard Crawford
    yall stole the show with yall performance. It was outstanding. Congratulations for making it to the final four.

    And to my brother Charles Lane, you did it again man, what can I say? You're on a roll.
    Congratulations 3-time Dixie champion, WOW! You are building up a hell of a resume.

    And to my Deep South brother Leonard Crawford, I watch you catch a fire in Bama and you brought that
    fire to Dixie. I am proud of you brother you put on a hell of a show. Look out electric football world.
    Another threat is coming out of the Deep South. SAY WHAT, YEA YOU HEARD ME..............
    A lot of you coaches don't know Leonard Crawford but you soon will.

    I can't wait for Richmond cause it's going to bring so much talent together. TOC on one side and Tuder on the other.
    It's going to be on like a pot of neck bones.

    I hope yall enjoy the pictures:
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    Congrats to ALL!!!

    Great reporting as usual David, including those photos...

    BNutt great tourney as always....

    To the Final Four, congrats on that run! I look for you guys to do damage in Richmond...

    Charles, what can I say again but congrats and I will see you in Richmond both Sat and Sun. Will I be shaking your hand and presenting you a trophy again?


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      Congrats to all involved. I will be there next year
      Looks like You guys always put on a great tourny