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Scrambling with simulated passing

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  • Scrambling with simulated passing

    What are the best or most common rules and strategies regarding scrambling quarterbacks? Who can/cannot be adjusted and when does clock stop, etc.? I am using the simulated passing sticks.


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    In my solitaire league I also use pass simulation. Here is how I handle the QB;
    • If the QB is non-mobile (i.e. a stand still QB), he is not allowed to scramble, but he is allowed to "throw-away" the pass. (I know there are others that do not allow the stand-still QB to throw-away the pass...instead the QB is considered sacked if time expires and there is no receiver you care to pass to).
    • If the QB is mobile he can decide to run the ball. I stop the field and adjust all unengaged defenders. I do not adjust any offense, not even the QB. Then turn the field back on to finish the play.
    • The mobile QB can also throw-away the pass instead of running it.
    • By the way I have a pass timer of 7 seconds. At 7 seconds I stop the field and must decide to pass, throwaway, or scramble (scramble option is only available to mobile QB's).


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      Editing a comment
      I have now gone to a 5 second count for a pass timer. I allow 7 seconds in "hail-mary" situations.

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    I use an initial 3 count, if someone looks about to break open I turn the field on for another 2 seconds. The QB is immobile, but if no-one is open I replace him with the mobile QB. Generally there aren't big gains. Not like when we were kids and waited to call scramble once everyone. was out of the way.