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    The "Offense has the last move" was created by my Uncle John Kinchen, my brother and me while watching a football game on TV. Uncle John was killing me with those hated LA Rams again and I thought I had good formations to run plays out of but to no avail. It wasn’t that he had a smoking defense. It was just he knew the where the eligible receivers were going and could plan accordingly.

    Back them, we had formation cards and at the same time we display that card, set up to that card. Audibles were two offense then two defense then go.

    With my brother Korie and I we played a practice scrimmage, did the same thing but the audibles were defense then offense and VOILA!!! he had no idea what play or where I was going to attack. We demanded that this be the procedures from now on. and because everybody in the neighborhood was getting killed by Uncle John, we changed it.

    We found this to be the way football is. The defense is NOT supposed to know what you are going to do. Furthermore, the offense is supposed to ATTACK weaknesses in the defense to advance the ball. JUST LIKE FOOTBALL

    That Tudor Games 620 field opened up, we were running our plays out of different defensive formations we saw THEM line up in. Scores went up and it was on.

    So NOW our Uncle John had to know our favorite plays and I worked on many plays out of the same formation. JUST LIKE FOOTBALL

    There are many rulesets in electric football, from my days as a kid, I offer you this.