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    Just wanted to give a shout out to all the coaches of electric football and let you know how much I appreciate the work you put in for this hobby. It is work but it is so rewarding. I am a very busy man as we all are and I still desire to fit this hobby into my schedule some how. I am currently working on East Carolina and Liberty University to complete my 20 team league. I have some decaling to do for Liberty and I have some painting and some decaling to do for East Carolina. I have created a league schedule on League Lineup to help me keep track of everything. I plan to post pictures and commentary of every game on MFCA. I really enjoy looking at all the leagues created by you coaches and I look forward to adding my league to an already fascinating group. I have seperated my teams into 4 divisions EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH with 5 teams in each division and each team playing a 10 game regular season schedule. At the end of the regular season there will be a 8 team playoff bracket that will see the number 1 seed from the North division going up against the number 2 seed in the south and the number 1 seed from the South against the number 2 seed in the North. The same will take place in the East and West divisions down to the Championship game. There will also be two Bowl games for the 4 teams with the best record out of the teams who do not make the playoffs. If there are tieing records out of the 4, the deciding factor will be determined by the record of the teams on the schedule as well as defense and offense performances for those remaining teams. There is a lot to play for each game for every team. Looking forward to an exciting SEASON-1 in the WESTERN HILLS CONFERENCE





    I will keep you updated on the progress of my league.
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    Wow that looks awesome! Can't wait to see your college teams in action.


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      The first game of WEEK 1 in the 2018 season here in the WESTERN HILLS CONFERENCE will be the high powered offense of Kentucky going to the Shoe to take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Kickoff is set for 7pm this Thursday 02-15-18. I will be posting pregame reports each day up until kickoff. We will be reporting on what we see in practices as well as hearing from both coaches and players. Tomorrow we will be commenting on the pre-season (Top - 10 ) which will be the deciding factor for who will make the ELITE-8 playoffs and contend for the WESTERN HILLS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. The way this poll will work will be that the top teams in each division will get the automatic bid to the playoffs but the last 4 spots will be determined by record as well as strength of schedule ( won - lost record of teams on your schedule) as well as points allowed and points scored. This will make things very interesting and make not just each game but each down count for every team no matter where you are in your conference. The preseason top 10 are


      1. USC
      3. MARSHALL
      4. GEORGIA
      6. ALABAMA
      7. WVU
      9. INDIANA
      10. KENTUCKY

      Tomorrow we will be focusing on game 1 and speaking with players on both teams as well as seeing what the coaches have to say about their preperations for the game.
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        Kentucky will put their # 10 preseason ranking on the line tonight in a very hostile invironment as they visit the SHOE in Columbus to take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Kentucky's head coach, Mark Stoops , is looking forward to the atmosphere his team will be playing in but he also knows his team must be mentally prepared to play in such a hostile invironment. Ohio states head coach, Urban Meyer, knows how important it is for his team to have the sellout crowd behind them. Meyer was quoted as saying "we need all the help we can get to slow down this Kentucky offense". We will see how this one turns out as the season gets underway here in the WESTERN HILLS CONFERENCE.Click image for larger version

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          We are under way down at the SHOE and three plays into the game Ohio State is trying to make a statement early. After the opening kickoff, Ohio State found themselves starting on their own 10 yard line. However, Eddie George put together 28 and 31 yard runs to set Ohio State up at the Kentucky 31 yard line. The crowd noise is as high as I have heard in years and Kentucky will have to respond and quiet them down or this could be long day for the Wildcats. Stay tuned for further updates as we will be keeping our eyes on this one.
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            Eddie George is putting on a show and the offensive line for Ohio State has come out and made a statement here in the first quarter. Buckeyes have just gone on top with a 31 yard TD run by Eddie George.
            7 - 0 Ohio State on top
            On Kentucky's first possesion they get a 48 yard run by #22 Josh Clemons that sets them up for their first score of the game as Maxwell Smith finds #1 Ryan Timmons wide open across the middle for a 43 yard Touchdown pass. The extra point, however, was wide right and Ohio State's lead is 7 - 6

            Ohio Stae has just kicked a field goal from the 22 yard line and they now lead this one 10 - 6

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              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2492.JPG Views:	1 Size:	1.56 MB ID:	490631 Kentucky has just taken the lead early in the 2nd quarter on a 30 yard run by Stanly Williams (#18). It is the first game of this exciting season and I believe that these teams are feeling each other out. Both defenses are finding it hard to stop the other teams running game but I believe that some adjustments will be made in the second half and running backs will find it a bit more difficult to in the running game. However, at the moment, here early in the second quarter, Kentucky leads this one in the shoe 13 -10
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                Time for Ohio State to send in Archie Griffin and Pete Johnson off the bench!


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                  With 2 minutes and 20 seconds to go in the first half, Ohio State's J.T. Barrett (#16) is sacked for a safety on a 2nd and 12 from the 9 yard line by Kentucky's Darien Jennings (#6). Barrett had absolutely nobody to throw to as there was glue like coverage on all potential receivers. Jennings closed so fast on Barrett that he never had a chance to get the ball out of his hands. Kentucky certainly has the momentum on their side and will be getting the ball back after the safety with a 15 - 10 lead. Stay tuned for more action from the WEFL.


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                      Happy resurrection day to all electric football coaches. There is a time out in the Ohio State - Kentucky game as my mother- in- law is in town to visit. the game will resume soon (lol) Our score in the game is Kentucky 15 and Ohio State 10. With less than a minute to go in the first half, Kentucky will be punting the ball back to the Buckeyes.


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                        It is all over here in Columbus Ohio and this capacity crowd is still in a bit of shock as their Buckeyes will start the season 0 - 1 as the Wildcats of Kentucky have proven they are worthy of that #10 preseason ranking with a 29 -17 win in the SHOE. Ohio State made a late run in the second half as they got within 5 points at 22 - 17 early in the 4th quarter. It even looked like they would get the ball back with just under 3 minutes to go but a very courageous call by Kentucky's head coach on a 4th and 18 at the Ohio State 46 yard line proved to be the knockout blow as Kentucky's Stanley Williams (#18) went 46 yards for the score on a draw play that caught the Buckeyes off guard and sealed the deal.


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                          The next game on our schedule here in the WEFL will be the Sooners of Oklahoma going into Rose Bowl Stadium to take on the Bruins of UCLA. We expect nothing short of a capacity crowd to be on hand as the West Virginia Electric football league welcomes the Bruins into the Conference. UCLA's coach, Jim Mora, knows his team has their work cut out for them but he is thankful to be at home with the crowd noise to give his team an added boost. Mora still has not let us in on who will start this game at QB...Craig Myers ( #19) or true freshman Josh Rosen (#3). I guess we have to wait for their first offense of series before we find out. The Bruins also have two very good running backs in Manero and Starks. Oklahoma will have to be ready to play for a full 4 quarters if they hope to have a chance to come out on top of this one. We will have more on the Sooners side when we return.


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                            The Sooners of Oklahoma will storm the field here in LA to take on UCLA and this capacity crowd. Oklahoma is a very interesting team. They have a host of talent on both sides of the ball, they just need the ball to roll their way a bit as they have come up short often but could have very well beaten all the teams they have faced in the past couple of seasons here in the WEFL. They will certainly have a chance to win this game with players like (#35) Steven Pkowski at running back along with (#21) Michael Ford who can flat out fly. They also present a treat with their tight end duo of (#17) Wendal Smallwood and (#88) William McNamara. There QB, (#9) Donald Knight likes to spread the ball around and he has a talented group of wide receivers to throw to. (#85) Kelvin Romar, (#83) Ricky Basquin, (#81) Quincy Andrews. On the defense side of the ball, the UCLA offense must block (#1) Bernard Alexander. This guy is all over the field and is a force to reckon with. The sooners head coach, Lincoln Riley is excited about his teams season opener. He was quoted as saying; " We are a good football team and it is my job and my staff to have these guys ready to play. I do believe we did that this week and I know that this will be hard fought game by our team."
                            As the WEFL commissioner, I am looking forward to watching this game. Kickoff is coming up next!!!!!!!

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                          We are early in the first quarter here at Rose Bowl Stadium and the Bruins are on the board first with a 29 yard FIeld Goal on their first drive of the game. It started out with a bang for the Bruins as #18, Octavious Spencer(a wide out) lined up in the backfield and took the hand off up the middle and went 80 yards down to the Sooners 8 yard line. The drive stalled and UCLA got their first points of the season on a 29 yard Field Goal. The Sooners will be getting the ball for their first offense possession of the season and we will have our first look at the Bruins defense. Stay tuned for more exciting action here in the WEFL.


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                            Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3105.JPG Views:	2 Size:	977.9 KB ID:	490866 After a one yard run by #(36), Lamar Flowers, on first down, Oklahoma's #(28) Tony Ross , catches a screen pass from #(9) QB Donald Knight and goes up the sideline for a 80 yard touchdown to give Oklahoma the lead early here in the first quarter. It is 6 - 3 with the extra point coming up.
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                            Just wanted to give a shout out to all the coaches of electric football and let you know how much I appreciate the work you put in for this hobby. It is work but it
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