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European newbie lost in the Electric Football Space

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  • European newbie lost in the Electric Football Space

    Hi all, I’m Alex, italian, in 1981 and I watched on tv my first Super Bowl. I choose the team with colors that I liked the most and since I’m a big Cincinnati Bengals fan (not an easy life I have to say).

    Recently I discovered, by chance, Tudor electric football, never heard about it here in Europe before unfortunately, so since a week I’m learning everything I can about the game thanks to this forum, youtube videos… I would like to buy one but there are not european retailers and shipping costs are huge (a little more than 120 $. Which is almost 100% price of Pro Bowl Game set. I wrote to the Tudor commercial service and unlucky they told me, there are not special discounts to help overseas customers to reduce this cost), I’m not able to build the field myself (I read all tutorials on this site, you do a wonderful work and you have all my respect) so, while I count my money to see if I can afford this,I’d like to be sure to not make mistakes when I’ll put my order on Tudor site so, please, help me to compose my Starter Pack:

    For now I would like to play solo (my son is only 2 so I have some year to train before he will crush me), I would like to have best field dimensions possible to enjoy the best game experience. Do you confirm that the best option is Pro Bowl Game Set with the metal playing field? (I was thinking in buying the Bengals Prow Bowl Game Set)

    About figures: I’m quite puzzled, I’ve read around and on this forum too that there were more shops on line (tudor, wiggle…) but googling i find only tudor online shop. Am I doing something wrong? I was thinking to buy the “regular” figures, not the big men, good choice? How may teams is better to start with? (Yes I know it’s a matter of money but, after you, is there a minimum of teams needed? In any case if I have to afford this insanely expensive shipping cost, is better to put as many stuff I can in the bag and I was putting in my cart some nfl teams at half price on tudor site) .

    Bases: In the Prow Bowl Game Set there will be Invisibases for strength and speed. Should I buy at least another Invisibases set? I was thinking to buy too Rookie Bases, to see how it works, tweaking etc. 24 bases is enough? In short: how many bases I will need (let’s say I’ll buy 10 teams).

    Do you know if Tudor, during the year, makes some discount on game sets or figures, like black Friday or similar? When? Some other ideas to cut costs?

    Other advice about something I forgot?

    Thank you very much

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    Hello Alex,
    Field: The larger field is better so your choice to get the Pro Bowl metal field set is a good choice.
    It uses batteries and I assume that Europe uses the same voltages, but you may want to consider this when buying.

    Figures: To start you only need two teams, but it is good to have extra players for each team as you will want to have replacements that run other routes. A good option is to buy the $14.95 sets, but for your extra players pick up a cheaper bag of the same team of either the 67 Bigmen or the regular men if they are available. Its good to have about 14-17 players per squad. The Bigmen and regular men all play together well.

    There are other sites that sell unpainted figures, but Tudor Games is the only one that sells officially licensed NFL teams. Check our Facebook page to find many other vendors.

    Bases: Pick up a set of Standard rookies and a set of Standard TTC's. These are good to use when learning to Tweak, because you will ruin some. Also get some of the double clip Pro Line Strong Straight front and Pro Line Strong Round front bases. These are higher performance and you will want to tweak these after you have learned to tweak the standards. The strong versions will work for speed and strength.

    Sales: Tudor Games has a new sale starting around the 15th of each month. The biggest sales are around Black Friday and Christmas.

    You should also look at ITZ bases as an option.

    Here is a listing of all the Facebook groups:

    Email me if I can help you with anything else.


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      Hi Coach WeirdWolf, thank you very much!

      Figures: understood, I'll take anyway something like 10 teams but let me ask you why you say that 14.95$ sets are a good options, when there are on sale at 6$. Maybe are old models but there's a real difference in playing with the $ 14.95 ones? Thanks about the Bigmen suggestion, I thought that bigmen were more instable, something just for collectionists, for better painted details not really a good choice in playing.

      Bases: Thanks again for your advice. Just some other question: What about invisibases? These are not really good for tweaking or you don't like them at all? To play solo I really need higher performances bases or it's just because the rookie ones are really bad and very soon, as I improve myself in the game, I'll find high performance bases more funny?

      Sales: Ok, thank you. I see that now there's a good 25% discount on bases, after you there's no chance at all that they do some good price on Prow Bowl Game Set in the near future? (I see they actually do on 2016 sets, but on the bigger one shipping costs are the same, so I'd like to buy the metal field).

      I signed in on most of the facebook groups.

      Thank you very much and sorry for my dumb questions. I'm really excited about this game, I whish I had discovered it sooner ( and that damned shipping costs were not so high ^^).


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        I forgot another question: Do I have to buy QB too or they are inculded in every team (or maybe I have to use the white ones, the TTQB? Thanks again


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          Originally posted by Italian Scramble View Post
          I forgot another question: Do I have to buy QB too or they are inculded in every team (or maybe I have to use the white ones, the TTQB? Thanks again
          Found the answer myself. Thanks anyway


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            Well I placed my order, 350$ to be shipped to France. Whish me luck, for shipping and for this new gaming adventure.