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The "No Frame" Pan Field

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  • The "No Frame" Pan Field

    My goal was to create a field as simply as possible with a budget at or under $130 for use in competition/tournaments.

    Updated parts list as of February, 2015 - $ amounts are broken down to price per field.
    RED indicates motor parts
    $30.00 1"panned 2'x4' 22 gauge steel (field is 22"x46")
    $70.00 Field cover wrapped over edges
    $8.75 (4) Replacement Rubber Spacer for Thule Spare Me Spare-Tire-Mounted Bike Carrier
    $4.00 M-D Building Products 2618 All Climate EPDM Rubber Weatherseal for Gaps 1/16-Inch to 1/8-Inch, White
    $24.59 1 Universal Power Pack, Atlas 309 - $24.59 (Not pictured, I used one I had)
    $6.56 RadioShack® Super Speed 9-18VDC Hobby Motor Model: 273-256 Catalog #: 273-256
    $1.70 Oatey 33877 Standard Pipe Clamp (6 in Polybag), Gray, 1-Inch
    $0.55 Radio Shack Solderless Insulated Flanged Spade Tongues (10-Pack) Model:64-3044 Catalog #: 64-3044
    $0.24 Terminal AMP PIDG FASTON 22-16 3/16 .187 female crimp
    $1.09 Radio Shack 25-Ft. 18-Gauge Red & Black 2-Conductor Megacable® Wire Model: 278-567 Catalog #: 278-567
    $0.17 Lead tape

    $0.08 9" x 12" White Sticky Back EVA Foam Sheet - 2mm
    $0.55 Scotch 1 in. x 1.66 yds. Exterior Mounting Tape 10# Strength
    $0.09 Strapping tape for extra hold

    (NOTE: Since creating this post, I discovered that I can use lead tape as my counterweight making the motor building much easier. To see the updated motor with photos visit this thread titled, "My rotary motor"

    (I highly recommend) Recently a new motor was developed
    based on the plans for my motor. It comes complete and ready to attach for almost the same cost as building the one I show.
    See it here:

    So far I am very excited about the results. Runs quite and smooth, no glide, no up down hum, transportable, lightweight and now that I have all the materials on hand I can put one together in under 1 hour.

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    I like it Wolf....

    ........great for the price. The pipe clamps is what I have been looking for.


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      Thumbs up!

      The days of having to spend hundreds of dollars to have a nice running field may be coming to an end.


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        Thanks to Shabby J for inspiring me with his latest "build a field" thread. It was the last piece of inspiration I needed.
        Also, anyone that feels that they want a second motor on it, it can easily be added for right around $9.99.


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          Very nice board!


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            Nice Weirdwolf, looks good! I like the pipe clamp motor mount idea.


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                Did you

                pan the metal yourself, or purchased it that way?



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                  Originally posted by stanfm View Post
                  pan the metal yourself, or purchased it that way?

                  I bought it that way. We have a metal company that thinks its cool what were doing and did it for a great rate. So be sure to tell them what your project is.


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                    EXCELLENT JOB

                    Hey wolf excellent job. That is the perfect field size.

                    I'm working on a colorado field myself.

                    Only difference is i like the fiber hard board. I just brought 2 panels at HOME DEPOT. They are precut and are $5.97 each. They are 48x24 exact.

                    You should advertise this and sell them as a MFCA standard board. No NFL or NCAA INVOLVED. Also, I think any new coach would not mind spending $110 for a field that size..AND IT RUNS GREAT.

                    **I sit my boards on 6 rubber CHAIR TIPS, FIELD SITS PERFECTLY EVEN ON THESE TIPS !!!!

                    Fiber board would drop the cost of making them by $24.

                    WHERE DID YOU GET THE PIPE CLAMPS ? What size are they and can they be ordered online ?

                    WOW, A 620 IS $159 and is nowhere as big as this field.

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                      IT STARTED


                      I have a 306 frame and fields. To save room, i removed the field from the frame and sat it on the Rubber chair tips.
                      I brought thin railing from michaels craft store and used velcro to put them around the edge on top of the board.
                      All very light and portable. This is a great way for coaches to get that scale size field for a great price.

                      If you like fiber board, home depot have different sizes and some stores will cut the panel for you in the store
                      cut mine from 48 to 40

                      GREAT THREAD



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                        Awesome Wolf!!

                        Great stuff Wolf!!

                        I like it........

                        I cannot see the video....


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                          Good job Wolf


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                            Great post>>>

                            love the new ideas/////


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                              Originally posted by The Rookie View Post
                              Great post>>>

                              love the new ideas/////
                              Thanks...nothing really too new in ideas. I stole some ideas from Shabby's GREAT post ,found some parts that I hadn't seen used before (the pipe bracket) and then went with a back to the future aproach striving for a field that ran like the original old #500 fields, just bigger.

                              I'm bringing it to Oklahoma and was hoping you and I could go over it and see what we could do to make a number of these for TOC events. As we know, having enough good running fields is going to be a priority for the future growth of events and in order to get enough of them, we need to make them with less cost. I think with some more research and maybe some bulk purchases we can get these down to around $90 in materials.