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  • Newbie needs help

    45 Years old, had the old super bowl version, Rams vs Steelers. When I grew up and got married we had two boys. Purchased a 620 board for the boys when they were younger, they never really took to it. However, we built a game room in the house and the board came back out. We have ordered some teams and are having some spirited matchups. Only problem, the board has different dips in it and is very loud when we turn it up to have some speed. Players seem to fall off the center of the field and head to the wall.

    Saw some place about applying the big clips to the metal field underneath and attaching it to the game walls, didn't see any success in that.

    Does anyone out there have some simple, basic tips to help us tune the board to get it flat and produce a little less noise? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Long Island, NY

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    The binder clips usually work. Are these dents? Does it stay loud when turned up or is that temporary?


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      Tried the clips. Tried the rods in different places, had no luck. Board has a good crown and I believe from myself messin with it, ended up creating waves down the side. Opted to buy the new 620 size board through Tudor on sale for $65. Will mess around with the old board more so when my so. Can use the new board. If I mess it up then no worries.