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Offense and Defense Team Colors

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  • Offense and Defense Team Colors

    I have been looking at the great customizing work from many contributors. I noticed that most (if not all) paint the Offense with Dark Colored Jerseys and the Defense in Light Colored Jerseys. Is this the standard? I understand that if I am playing solitaire, I can do what I want, but if this is a standard it would be easy to stick to it, whether solitaire or not.

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    For tournaments, this scheme works really well because ANY two teams can get on the field together for a game (even if two people have the same team...say if there were two Steelers or Cowboys or whatever). Nothing worse than having two teams the same color out there...the Cowboys in white against the Lions in white... mgngcrz

    For leagues it can be handy too in order to keep the figure count down. Having full home and away with customized figures can be quite an overwhelming project. Same goes for solitaire, having this color scheme will allow you to put any two teams on the field together at any time. It really affords you the time because its half the figures. Imagine doing home and away for offense and defense for 20 teams...this scheme cuts the work in half. All my teams are done this way with the exception of a team I made for playing in the mid-ohio league. I'm happy I did it this way.


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      Thank you

      Now this makes perfect sense