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  • Beenutt Decal Instructions

    Decal instructions for applying Beenutt Decals:

    Items needed:
    1. small paint detailing brush
    2. tweezers
    3. wet (saturated sponge)
    4. Styrofoam plate
    5. Solvaset (obtain at a model railroading store)
    6. Bottle cap of water
    7. gloss enamel to seal in paint and decals. Order item 16998, the gloss glaze: Here is the link:
    8. nail file scrapper
    9. very small pair of scissors

    1. Use the nail file to smooth out any burrs on the figures - usually around shoulders on most figures
    2. Paint the figure. Let dry overnight
    3. Brush with a gloss enamel or similar coating. Let dry overnight.
    4. Place a saturated sponge and a bottle cap of water on a Styrofoam plate
    5. When applying decals, start at the top of the figure and work down - do helmet stripes on all figures, then helmet logos, player names, shoulder numbers/stripes, jersey numbers, leg stripes. Paint the socks after applying leg stripes. Then apply sock stripes if any.
    6. Using the small pair of scissors, cut/trim around the decals and place on the wet sponge. If using the precut decals, you do not have to trim around each decal.
    7. Using the small brush, place a small dab of water from the bottle cap onto the figure.
    8. Using the small tweezers, remove one decal from the sponge and slide off the backing paper with your fingers. Use the tweezers to place the decal over the dab of water on the figure. Slide the
    decal in place in the proper position on the figure.
    9. Let set for 1 hour, then using the small brush, place a dab of solvaset on the decal to seal in the decal.
    10. Let dry overnight, then brush a gloss enamel over the decal to seal in the decal.

    Please post if you have any questions.

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