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Back into EF--Best stock boards?

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  • Back into EF--Best stock boards?

    Hi all--I loved EF as a kid and am back into it again (supposedly as something to do with my youngest son but I am the one playing it!). I am overwhelmed by the choices of boards out there. A while ago I invested in a Tudor 9091 Speed Turf field thinking I was getting the latest and greatest. That was before I started really researching it. My question is: what are the best stock board options currently? I will not make my own so please don't suggest that. I like the look of whatever boards they're using in the competition videos I've seen. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Not sure which competition videos you are referring to but most Leagues and Tournaments use the most common 24" x 48" size and all those are custom made. There are a few builders that will build to your preferences (field graphics etc). Your best avenue is to go to the MFCA Facebook page where all the activity is currently and simply ask there. You may find a builder in your local area, which is ideal. Or maybe even find a used field. Two sources that immediately come to mind that have outstanding products/service are Richardo Riley (custom builder)and Steve Toth (Dynamic Strategy Football). There are of course others too. Best advice is to ask and do your research and due diligence before parting with your hard earned dollars. Welcome back too, to a great hobby/game! PS, I tried to provide links via Facebook to both sources both it did not work and could not remove the link but had to replace it. This forum is not fully functional,currently.
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      I didn't want to build my own board either, but here I am doing it.

      You can get a 24"x48" steel field from Tudor for about $400.

      There are a number of people who will build you an even better custom field BUT it will take time and cost a lot more. There are even builders out there making scale fields that have a playing area that's a magnificent 5' long.

      If you're looking for something a little less expensive the Pro Bowl is Tudor's largest tabletop steel field.

      Stay off EBay unless you want a vintage board. A lot of tudors regular models were made with PVC playing surfaces and a lot of the deals you'll find on Ebay and Amazon are unloading them.

      Any of the tudor models still run fine, but make sure the description says STEEL field. You already learned the hard way about speed turf.


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        The vintage fields are the best, even factoring price if you're thinking of custom fields. EBay is a good place for them, and Goodwill can sometime provide a real bargain.